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Grand Staircase Interior Rail Commissioned

We were approached to create a unique interior stair railing for a prestigious oil magnate living in River Oaks, and we were tasked with creating an old world style European Rail reminiscent of 17th century in the Baroque style. The architect wished to incorporate both French and Italian architectural elements in the staircase which would communicate both Renaissance ornamentation and Baroque spatiality.  This would be a grand staircase indeed, and we set about the task bringing our craftsman’s extensive interior railing experience and our draftsmen’s skill set in bringing drawings and sketches to life in order to deliver a truly unique and magnificent stair railing for the client. 

IMG_6385 IMG_6384

Through a collaborative effort of the architect, the designer, our draftsmen, and craftsmen, we presented the samples to the client to great applause, and were awarded the grand staircase and interior stair railing you see below.

pm front postcard