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Our Expertise: The Emmott Family's successful combination of highly skilled craftsmen and an exceptionally knowledgeable...
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Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship: Patina Metals has built its reputation on the level of quality we deliver...
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It is only through the history of custom fabrication and a dedication to producing only the finest ornamental iron available...

Patina Metals is a custom fabricator dedicated to providing the most unique and elegant iron creations through a masterful blend of artistry and craftsmanship. For over 60 years we have created custom ornamental iron and specialized structural steel products for general contractors, construction services firms, architects, designers, builders, landscape firms, and homeowners. Additionally, our services include the following:
  • Design, build, and install Custom Ornamental Iron Fabrication and Specialty Structural products
    • Structural Steel products include- Spiral Stairs, Floating stairs, Custom rolled stair stringers, rolled tubing, flitch plates, bent beams, metal decking, structural stair framing, exposed architectural canopies, exposed structural metal beams, structural lintels, base plates and structural columns
    • Custom ornamental iron work includes- spiral stair railings, driveway gates and walk gates, front entry doors, metal canopies, trellisis, and arbors, Juliet balconies and exterior railings, decorative grilles and metal fences, etc.
  • Gate Entry Systems/Gate Operators
  • Design and Installation
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Security Key Pad/Access Key/Card Reader
  • Telephone Entry
Browse through our photo gallery and see the impact Patina Metals creations can make to your home or office.  Our longevity is due to the craftsmanship put into the quality of our custom fabrications and the expertise of our associates in delivering truly unique products to our commercial and residential clients. For the finest in decorative custom fabrications in iron, brass, stainless steel, copper, nickel, or aluminum, they call Patina Metals. (Learn more)

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    Clean Architectural lines for this entry door

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